Are you seeking to increase the traffic from search engines? If so, you should use the following tips to make your social media accounts work for you.

Create your Facebook page and name it something that is representative of your business. It can be a slogan like "SEO services from UK" or something more descriptive like "SEO UK". The title tag can also be used to include keywords which can be used to help search engines to find your site on a search result. Your page should also have friends to help to increase your exposure. You should have more than 2000 followers to give you more exposure. Once your page is live on Facebook you will be able to start to receive traffic. You can also use your links on your profile to link back to your website.

Yahoo offers an easy way for your website to get listed in their fan page. You can get a listing for your Yahoo page by posting about 40 links on your fan page. When you post your link to the list the site should respond by adding your link to their list. Remember to try and be relevant as it is the beauty of this kind of listing. Once you have over 10 pages you can start to receive a lot of traffic and be recognized by search engines. Once you have more reputation and links you can start to get indexed in search engines.

Twitter has a new way for your site to get indexed on a search engine. Instead of looking for your pages on Google they should look for your Twitter link. You can now go to the menu in the upper right hand corner and then on the left hand side under links change this to twitter and change the setting on it to "public". This will allow them to find your link on their search results. You can also start to receive links that you have sent to the followers of your Twitter page. Once you have more than 5 followers it will be easier for them to find your links. Also the link has to be sent to the "tweets" channel. This will return your link to your profile and also increase your follower count. The easiest way to have your link available is by posting a link to your Twitter page. There is a button that you can click on "about this blog" this will bring up your account settings page. There you can change your profile URL that will search for your link.

This is the biggest category of all. If you have one of these it should be used to get your website indexed. There are many of these and it is very easy to set up. You can do this through the blog directory. This is a directory that is available on every blog. You can have your website listed and this will make it easy for other blogs to find your site. Search engines have trouble finding them and people have trouble accessing them. This is one of the fastest ways to get your site indexed. Other directories that you can get your website listed are EzineArticles, Articlesbase, Wiki, Forum, etc. Just type "submit site" and find the one that best fits your website.

These are the three fastest ways to start having your website indexed. This could be a long process depending on your competition. Try to find these ways to get your website indexed as soon as possible. These are also the best ways to get you page rank up as well. It may be one day, but it's not necessary. The easiest way for you to get your page rank up is by having an article posted in the blog. It will be the best way to get your page rank up and also increase your rank in the search engines. The second fastest way is through the article directory. When this method is done the best way, the search engines will find you the fastest. They usually do find you in 1 to 2 days with this method. However, you have to follow some guidelines as you have to make sure that your article is unique. Your article should be the most relevant and informative. This method should only be used if you are a new site or if you are just submitting a few articles.

These three are the fastest ways to start having your site indexed. Remember that the search engines are most concerned with the new sites. If you are already ranked in the top 10 of the search engines, you can get your site indexed fairly quick. Keep in mind that you don't want to build up too many links too fast. This will take away from your SEO efforts and this is a good way to get your website banned. So remember these tips for getting your site indexed fast and don't build your links too quickly. Remember these are only the fastest ways to get your site indexed. Do it the right way and you will get indexed very fast. It's a hard won page rank and these tips will help with that.

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