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Monday, May 18, 2020



May 15, 2020                                                                             

For Immediate Release

LOS ANGELES - Noreen McClendon the Executive Director of Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles (CCSCLA), announced today that in partnership with RyPul Threat Assessments, BlacTree Inc, White Rhino Group Inc., Paxton Co., and other entities within the State of California, CCSCLA will provide a cost-free jobs training program connected to guaranteed sponsored employment through her nonprofit organization Concerned Citizens of South-Central Los Angeles.

This partnership according to McClendon looks to provide stable employment for justice-involved men and women who have turned their lives around and who are seeking a life of freedom through hope, education, and employment.

Concerned Citizens of South-Central Los Angeles expects to train hundreds of formerly incarcerated men and women in the next 18 months via its nonprofit prisoner reentry job training program and provide a path to permanent employment with local California businesses who have agreed to take on these individuals once they are trained in everything from administrative duties, security, soft computer skills, business operations, vehicle operations, cultivation and more.

Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles (CCSCLA) - 501(c)3

According to McClendon “California has always been a State of second chances and we welcome the opportunity to reinvest in its people by providing formal education combined with job placement which will help ensure that our trained reentry population can become productive members of our society and redefine themselves through hard work and earning the respect of their neighbors. CCSCLA is committed to making those opportunities possible, and we are grateful to have committed partners such as RyPul Threat Assessments, BlacTree Inc, and White Rhino Group Inc invested in this effort.”

Warren Pulley the owner of RyPul Threat Assessments stated “As a former Los Angeles Police Officer, I appreciate Noreen McClendon’s vision and her commitment to bringing adult education, job training, stable income, and guaranteed employment back into inner-city Los Angeles communities, these types of programs help support the growth of stable families and communities and go a long way towards lower crime rates and poverty. 

RyPul Threat Assessments will aid CCSCLA by providing hands-on training in online security protocols, media relations as well as public information and business communications. We look forward to this great opportunity and working with Concerned Citizens of South-Central Los Angeles.

The Concerned Citizens of South-Central Los Angeles program will provide men and women on probation or parole with immediate, transitional job training and after completion of such training with employment from companies all across the State of California who has agreed to employ this population without reservations. CCSCLA’s program reentry candidates will also receive courses in managing daily life skills, finances, behavior therapy, and other services as the program determines. At the conclusion of the training period, the reentry applicant will be placed in permanent employment around the State of California.

Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles Training Program Partnership

Bryan Olivier Owner and CEO of White Rhino Group, a Los Angeles based private security company stated that “I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful initiative, my company White Rhino Group will be providing security guard training, vehicle operation and facility access control training for this program and we look forward to supporting Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles in helping to reinforce positive stereotypes coming out of the prisoner reentry population.”

In a joint statement both Jumanne McDaniel, CEO of BlacTree Inc and Les Danner Jr, BlacTree, COO stated that “Being able to remove barriers to employment for the entire prisoner reentry population is key to ensuring the successful reintegration of minorities back into the workforce and society at large,  BlacTree Inc,  has agreed to become the initial sponsor of employment for the firsts candidates to graduate CCSCLA’s jobs training and reentry program, and BlacTree vows to continue offering employment opportunities to graduates of this course as positions become available within our company.” 

Executive Director Noreen McClendon stated that she has formed alliances with State agencies, public companies, and the private sector who have committed to hiring this marginalized and underserved portion of the California population.

McClendon states that she has personally been committed to developing programs for the reentry population and fighting for prison reform projects for the past two decades and that she believes this project will be one of the best end-to-end training, education, and employment programs to focus on the State of California prison reentry population in decades.

Jeenha Hu, CEO of Paxton Company stated “We’ve witnessed many people get wrongfully incarcerated or be given unreasonably long sentence terms making it difficult for them to assimilate back into society. I want us to create a second chance for these people to be productive and to gain pride in their new life.  Paxton Company’s collaboration with BlacTree Inc will be the beginning of a new project that helps and facilitates jobs through new agriculture developments, manufacturing essentials, security training and jobs, and many other traditional factories, all developed throughout the United States. This creates a solid foreground for investors to put money into something that will provide jobs for many people from a variety of backgrounds.

McClendon states that she continues to seek partnerships with businesses throughout the State of California who are seeking to give back to their communities and will gladly accept the offer of any business which provides job placement to any of our reentry graduates. “These types of programs make every community safer and helps all California’s prosper in the long term.” according to McClendon.

For ways on how you can get involved, visit to connect with Executive Director Noreen McClendon of Concerned Citizens of South-Central Los Angeles. CCSCLA accepts “tax-deductible” donations to help fund our prisoner reentry job training and education programs. We also accept a donation of your generous time and effort. CCSCLA can also be found online on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

For more information on White Rhino Group please visit,, for RyPul Threat Assessments visit,, and for BlacTree Inc please visit


Saturday, October 21, 2017

RyPul Threat Assessments To Conduct Free School or Workplace Wide Security Assessments

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 21, 2017 - RyPul Threat Assessments -- Due to the recent surge in news reports regarding the continued threats of active shooters on school campuses and workplace-related violence attributed to gun violence throughout the United States, RyPul Threat Assessments, the foremost authority on how to protect school campuses nationwide, will be offering (5) free campus-wide school protection threat assessment to any school district in the nation.  The school district can select anyone (1) of its schools to receive this offer at absolutely no cost to the district, the business can have any single structure assessed at no cost.

RyPul Threat Assessments has conducted threat assessments for U.S. Government clients, large commercial property portfolios, school districts, mass transit systems, clients that live in very high threat environments and private residential clients throughout the world. Our consultants are some of the most highly trained and sought after threat assessment consultants in the world.

The assessment upon completion will provide the district or business owner with a complete concentric security assessment on one of its schools or building, on par with U.S. Government assessments as they are performed in various high threat areas around the world.  The CEO Warren Pulley will conduct each of these threat assessments himself, and bring to the process his more than 30 years of military, law enforcement and Middle East threat assessment experience directly to your requested business or school campus.

Mr. Pulley stated " I believe that now is the time for companies such as mine to come to the forefront, and let the public know that professional services such as mine exists and that our children can have the world’s best threat assessment companies, perform first-class physical threat assessments that can ensure the safety of all our children in each and every classroom around the nation."

To take advantage of this offer please go and visit us at and email us with your request to be included in this free school or workplace-wide threat assessment offer.

Campus. workplace and home safety and the safety of all school children are paramount to RyPul Threat Assessments, so as a partner in school safety, we wanted to give back to our communities with this exclusive free offer.  

Take advantage of this offer today, a life may depend on it.

Detect Design Defend

Media Contact
RyPul Threat Assessments
Phone: 888-818-2790

Active shooter drill tests Choctaw Nation Childcare Center safety measures

Active shooter drill tests Choctaw Nation Childcare Center safety measures
DURANT, Okla. (KXII) -- The Choctaw Nation puts new safety measures into action at its childcare center.

An active shooter training drill was held at the Child Development building Monday in Durant.

The children were asleep for nap time on Monday during the training drill -- unaware that every door in the center was locked simultaneously with the touch of a button.

It's part of a three part system, including bulletproof door panels and door glass.

“Everybody was talking about mental health legislation and better gun control and those are all great things but it wasn’t stopping the bullets,” Pulley the owner of RyPul Threat Assessments said. “And no one was addressing how to stop the bullet from entering the classroom. 

Jamie Whorton works at the center, which her 2-year-old daughter attends.

“I am so thankful because I just don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to her,” Whorton said.

Whorton said despite not being a tribal member, she feels like she and her daughter are protected like one of their own.

Center supervisor Lauren Scott said the idea of a school shooting has weighed heavy on her mind in recent times.

“And every time I do see something on the news, you know, about some children that were hurt at school or something it does make me think first about this center and what I would do and what actions and steps I would take to protect my staff and the children,” Scott said.

The Choctaw Nation tells us they plan to outfit at least three more centers with this new technology.

How Effective Is Your Security Operations

Contact RyPul Threat Assessments today and let us help you secure your environment today!

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RyPul Threat Assessments recognizes that one of the most important steps to providing a highly secure environment for our business, government and civilian clients in to perform a comprehensive, concentric security review of work, living, and business security procedures.  RyPul Threat Assessments then provides a customized physical security plan of operation designed to enhance your overall security environment and allow you, your family, employees or visitors the safest environment possible to live, work or recreate. 

As part of the security process, we elevate awareness with our clients as to their environments security challenges, the train our clients on how to best employ the physical security and risk mitigation measures we recommend. 

Here at RyPul Threat Assessments, we feel that we provide the most complete and effective site assessments in the entire security industry and we design security operations that are flexible enough to adapt and change according to your security needs and desired functionality. Our approach allows you to gather powerful analytics about your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluate results, and plan future security measure upgrades as the physical threats to your environment changes and morphs. 

Our objective in security risk analysis is to determine the effect each client’s current security controls that protect an organization's people, assets or property and a determination of the probability of losses to those assets, and the most effective means to thwart such losses. 

Physical Security Risk Assessments
Access Control Security Assessments
Barrier Placement Control Assessments
Threat and vulnerability assessment
Review of site and facility security
Review of facility operating procedures
Review of physical security systems
Review of electronic security systems
Review of security policies and procedures
Development of recommendations for security improvements
Preparation of written Security Assessment Report

With RyPul Threat AssessmentsPhysical Security Assessment Services, you can more effectively prevent targeted threats to your business which gives you more operational insight, faster detection, real-time protection and better risk-mitigation options. We do all the heavy lifting so that you can worry less about in-house security skills shortages and focus on your core business operations, growth, and downline objectives.

RyPul Threat Assessments believes in the layered defense or concentric ring of security strategy to deal with and manage overly complex and difficult physical security situation that local security operations may find difficult to maintain. Many organizations spend thousands of dollars to implement physical security controls but do not evaluate them to ensure they are functioning as intended. Moreover, controls are often applied in an inconsistent manner, leaving security gaps. For organizations truly concerned about the effectiveness of their physical security controls, RyPul Threat Assessments identifies gaps and weak points that expose an organization to physical attack, workplace violence, active shooter and random physical risk factors.

Physical security controls are essential to protecting facilities, sensitive information, and personnel from natural and human threats. But ineffective or inconsistent controls negate the very protection they are intended to provide.

RyPul Threat Assessments was founded in 2011 on the standard of providing clients "Best Value" management consulting around security options from industry-leading security consultants.  RyPul understands that Security Assessments are an excellent way to evaluate your existing security program and a great first step to take prior to making security improvements at your facility or when trying to solve a specific security problem.  During a Security Assessment, all aspects of your security program are examined, any weaknesses are identified, and suggestions for security improvements are made. In addition, opportunities where costs can be reduced or where security operations can be made more efficient are identified. 

Contact RyPul Threat Assessments today and let us help you secure your environment today!

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Online California Security Guard Card Training Service

Project 7 Security Group, a Southern California based personal security company is now offering full BSIS State of California compliant security guard training courses online.

LOS ANGELES - July 16, 2017 - P7SG -- Project 7 Security Group is now offering, full State of California compliant Guard Card Courses Online, for those seeking to obtain State guard cards to perform security services for businesses and private parties in California.

Online Certification Services (OCS) a leader in Online Law Enforcement and Security training in California

A California Guard Card Is The License That Is Required To Become A Registered Security Guard In The State Of California. In Order To Get a Basic Security Guard Certification in the State Of California you are required to do the following.

1. You Shall Complete An 8-Hour Course Of Guard Card Training With A Certified Facility Or Online Training Center.

2. Pass the Initial Written Exam, You Are Then Able To Get Hired As a Security Guard.

3. Then Complete Another 16 Hours Of Training Within The First 30 Days After You Are Hired.

4. Lastly Complete an Additional 16 Hours Again Within 6 Months.

In Total, You Are Required To Have 40 Hours Of Training.

Here at Project 7 Security Group We Offer Full Online Courses to include:

The 40 Hour Unarmed Guard Card Course

The 8 Hour Unarmed Annual Refresher Course

The 20 Hour School Security Officer Course

The 16 Hour Proprietary Security Guard Course

Join the Other Serious Security Professionals who have taken our courses and improved their overall knowledge in the personal security field.

Online Certification Services (OCS) a leader in Online Law Enforcement and Security training in California

Visit us at  or at 

Contact: | Call: (800) 560-3103 

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