I am a great advocate of hybrid authors and publications in both directions. 

Self-publishing can enrich your knowledge, give you a greater appreciation for the work that helps bring a book to market than traditional publishing and give you other opportunities to blow your mind with money, connections, and influence. It can also promote your commercial success and help you write a book for family and friends. 

RyPul Media publishes books in the Los Angeles market, for a fraction of the cost of major publishing companies, in the Amazon Book Marketplace, Itunes, Kobo, Barnes&Noble and many more online and retail locations, all designed to provide you the author with maximum visibility and sales opportunities for your title and manuscript.

RyPul Media publishes both fiction and nonfiction books in all genres, with some of our most popular categories being Childrens Books, Catholic Authors, Women's Fiction, Self-Help, Fantasy, Detective Novels, Christian Morality, Inspiring Themes, Family Values, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Literary Fiction, Suspense, Biographies, Autobiographies, Romance and more!

RyPul Media offers a wide range of low-cost services, including illustration, editorial, and marketing options. In addition to the types of the book listed above, RyPul Media publish all kinds of works: adult novels, children's novels, and lots of non-fiction, our publishers work on all of them. 

When you write a book, you can either publish it yourself or publish it through a traditional publisher, we recommend using our expert cover to cover Los Angeles book publishing services at RyPul Media to ensure the process is done right and runs smoothly the first time through.

A traditional publishing house is the dream of many writers, but you don't necessarily need one to produce and sell a book. The biggest mistake many self-published authors make is to spend too much on design, marketing, professional editing, and proofreading. 

The best way to prepare yourself for publishing is to do your homework and find professional, cost-effective services for the publishing of your work.  Saving time and money at the outset of self-publishing should be of utmost concern to you since there are no guarantees that your book will become a best seller out of the gate.  It is vital that you edit your content and submit your best work to impress your audience and let our Los Angeles publishing house do the rest to present your manuscript in its best light.

Self-publishing requires considerable and persistent efforts in the areas of marketing and promotion, not to mention an entrepreneurial attitude. I have created a step-by-step, comprehensive self-publishing process from the early stages of writing your book to self-publishing on Amazon, Kindle, and the KDP network, which gives your book the professional kickstart it needs to stand out in the digital book market. When you learn to write a book and its publishing process, there are many parts - and it is wise to be systematic. 

Five years ago, you had to be lucky enough to find an agent and try to get a deal with one of the big five publishers to reach that level of publishing success. In today's market, 80 percent of the books RyPul Media acquires and promotes are sold without intermediaries. 

Although the publishing process can be baffling, it is time to get active and move closer to your goal and dream. Let RyPul Media navigate the Amazon book publishing process for you and produces results you can be proud of. 

Los Angeles publishing company, RyPul Media, takes the guesswork out of book publishing, manuscript formatting, editing, proofreading, book cover design, and finally wide digital platform publishing. 

When your ready to realize your dream of becoming a published author, contact us at RyPul Media immediately, and let us put you on the path to becoming a successful published author today!

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