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Meet Hot New Music Artist Baby Jove

RyPul Media is proud to share our review of top new music artist Jules Townsend.  She is from Los Angeles, CA, and sounds like no one else.  Baby Jove is sure to become a tour highlighter in the very near future. #newmusic #newartist

The Review: 

Meet Jules Townsend (aka) Baby Jove, she has more than enough talent to silence music critics from any genre. Her off-kilter decidedly sexualized style can take you by surprise at first glance, however, once you peer below the surface you apt to find a potent mix of lyrically rich infectious no fucks given riffs sure to delight those looking for that once in a generation voice to follow in this world of “In the box” music talent. 

Baby Jove New Music Artist

The quirky hooks, charisma, and freewheeling lyrics delivered by Baby Jove bring a fresh infusion of original artist energy certain to light up crowds and champion the voice of the different in all spheres of society.  Baby Jove is the right music artist, with the right music flow, right now in these tempestuous times.  

Her current viral video "I Keep My Demons in My Demos" is a must-watch.

In view of all that has changed in the world of live music in 2020, it is safe to say that the upcoming 2021 live music concert tour schedule is a sign that the time has come for the entire music community to get excited.

Expect tons of new music and projects from Baby Jove this year, and you may very well hear her collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music industry this year.  Baby Jove represents the next generation of new music artists who are changing the direction of modern genre-crossing original music.  Her new single "Too Cliche To Be Crazy", contains some of the most memorable hooks we have heard in years and establishes her as an artist well worth watching.

Follow Baby Jove on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter for her latest music clips, out-of-this-world images, random thoughts, and insight into the world around her.

Key track: ‘Too Cliché to Be Crazy’ (Baby Jove)

Top Baby Jove YouTube Video Links

Too Cliché to Be Crazy

Higher Than You

I Keep My Demons In My Demos

Hi AnXi8i

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