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How to Use Video Marketing to Build Your Brand

Video is one of the most important content development tools for a digital marketing strategy, as it helps you to engage your customers, sell the product, and demonstrate its usefulness. There is no doubt that video is one of the most creative ways to communicate. There is no doubt as to what this medium is capable of and how it can aid you in becoming a social media influencer in news, business, or sales.

Now, video marketing does not automatically mean lots and lots of videos uploaded to YouTube by random people. It is important to understand who has the right to host any type of video on their site. 

Here is the quick background.

YouTube is owned by Google. They have a policy called "Terms of Use". By signing up to these terms, YouTube partners agree to what is said in them. So YouTube can shut down your video just because it doesn't like your point of view or what have you. Google can shut down these videos as well, just by signing up to their terms.

YouTube is an important tool, but it is not the only one for promoting your business. There are other ones like Vimeo and Veoh. All of them have a different policy than YouTube. They all have different terms of use and all that.

These types of services, while useful, aren't as simple to operate as YouTube. You need to have a large number of videos uploaded to them to generate any kind of traffic. You need to get your video into the right hands and onto the right pages, as no one will let your video be there if they think you are just another YouTube clone. If you want to take things to the next level, you may want to invest in a video hub or video site where you can upload your videos.

Vimeo is a great site, although it is more suited for creative types or people who like to get creative with their videos. If you want to promote yourself as a company head over to DailyMotion, Vimeo, or Metacafe. All of these websites are great ways to promote a company and build a reputation. These video-sharing sites are still useful even though they have changed hands, so you will get traffic from some other sources as well.

Video is a great way to build your brand, educate your audience, and sell your product. But you need to get the right video that reflects your brand and adds to the value of your product.  Creating either the shortest or longest video on YouTube might be a great way to gain notoriety and traction on the YouTube platform.

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