Californian & Canadian Cannabis: Expect a Profits Windfall

Business Security Expert Warren Pulley talks Cannabis and Marijuana related business security.


I really enjoyed doing this interview, it's great to see political figures, investors and investigative reporters bringing this issue to the forefront of American politics and society.  This genie is out of the bottle, so let's regulate and tax marijuana responsibly and move away from the stigma of Marijuana being a gateway drug.  The grow, sale and use of cannabis related products are as old as good ol' American apple pie, enough with the prohibition.  Were making criminals out of enthusiast and wasting precious law enforcement, court service and tax dollars fighting this part of the drug war that simply cannot be won.

Thanks Lior for being a pioneer in choosing to explore this topic and shed positive light on this industry.  Trust me a well regulated marijuana industry is in everyone's best interest.

Published on Apr 19, 2017
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