Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Cant School Protect Kids From Active Shooters?

650 Billion Dollars a Year in Education Funding Why Cant School Protect Kids From Active Shooters?

LOS ANGELES - Feb. 22, 2016 - By RyPul Threat Assessments

Again one of the latest school shootings, February 12th at Independence High School in Glendale Arizona High School, proves once again that schools systems haven’t the slightest idea on how to improve school safety let alone how to implement the latest industrial products into the school systems to offer real life saving protective choices.  After travelling the United States over the past year and speaking to school district administrators, district security managers, school police officers and concerned parents groups, I have come to realize that they all want the same things, disagree on how to do it, hence nothing ever gets accomplished, yet the bullets continue to fly on our campuses and our children continue to die and be placed in harm’s way, simple to due to a lack of care, concern, forward thinking and ineptitude.

This latest tragedy is once again being reported by all the usual media sources across the country, and as usual after each and every one of these events, I see the same talking heads appearing on the local and national news programs congratulating the local police response, the local school administrators for their great reporting of the facts and I cringe at the out pouring of heartbreaking emotion by the family and friends of those killed in these senseless shootings, all the while knowing that there are common sense solutions in the marketplace at this very moment that can take the prospect of school safety and security to the next levels of protection.  

I have advocated for years the need for school systems to begin installing bullet and blast proof products into their standard school construction building plans or using planned building upgrades as the only real risk mitigation option to bullets being fired on or near school campuses on a daily basis. All the usual recommendation simply doesn’t work.

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Now anytime I speak to administrators, teachers, politicians or even parents, the once line that rings true to them all, is that they are all against our schools looking to “militaristic”, and I had to really sit down and ask myself, after serving in the military on bases around the world just what they meant, and I came to the following conclusion.  It is that these stakeholders have no idea what they are truly talking about; they are all using a talking point to scare people into inaction. After studying schools safety protocols, 

I can report that schools are already armed, secured camps in their own rights. Schools already have armed police patrolling them, locked gates, metal detectors, some K-9 patrols, state of the art camera systems, bio-metric systems and badging capabilities, and from my experience with military bases they have all of the exact same protocols in place to limit access to its most sensitive areas.  The only difference being most buildings on military installations have some type of bullet resistant and blast protection installed it is most sensitive structures to protect its members when all of the above security protocols fail.

I am again repeating my call to all parents and students organizations, to pressure your local school systems into action and demand patented bullet resistant doors shields, protective glass products and specialty wireless school door locking systems, specifically designed for classroom protection and security.  

It is urgent that we get serious about saving the lives of children at school. Inaction kills.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

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The Need for Physical Threat Assessment Services

Preventing violence is a top priority for schools, civilian industry and public safety officials today.  In practical terms, a threat assessment is a thorough review at your particular location to identify those things, situations and processes that could cause harm, particularly to people, or the institution itself. After the identification of risk enhancing factors is made, you should evaluate how likely and severe the potential risk is, and then decide what strategies should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening.

Professional Threat assessments are a growing field that involves the evaluation and security of buildings and their occupants. The objective is to determine the weaknesses of a structure and determine how to protect that structure and its occupants from deadly intent. 

Effective threat assessments must be conducted by a trained professional as part of a comprehensive safety and risk mitigation regime and with the support of all members of the School Community, Stakeholders and Public Safety. Although there is no official model for threat assessments, experts in school crisis management, mental health, and public safety have identified common basic components of effective threat assessment procedures, and these along with our proprietary assessment models are the exact procedures used by RyPul Threat Assessments, to assist in providing you the industries best risk mitigation options. 

Who is RyPul Threat Assessments?

RyPul Threat Assessments is a privately owned full scope risk mitigation service.  RyPul's professional intent is to ensure that you, your business and stakeholders have the most comprehensive site security assessments and risk mitigation plans in the industry.  Our business is to assist you in ensuring your success and prosperity through security.  

RyPul conducts threat assessments for schools, private institutions, commercial properties, public spaces and residential properties.  We also complete site surveys and offer security plans to coincide with the survey. In addition RyPul provides residential security planning with staffing guidelines, personal protection assessments, law enforcement trainers, site management as well as risk mitigation services to include asset tagging and records management. 

RyPul has over 29 years of dedicated experience in the field of threat and site assessments. RyPul has gained its experience conducting site and threat assessments in the United States, Asia Pacific Region and the Middle East. 

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