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What We Do

Our physical threat assessment experts create security designs and plans that can help you defend yourself in place from an armed attacker in your home, on your campus, commercial property, remote site or work place. Our risk assessments provide you the choices, training and devices necessary for survival. In today's state of armed attacks, work place violence and school shooters, we believe that administrators, business owners and parents need to think defend in place, instead of run, hide and die. Our intent is to assist you in developing and applying procedures that will permit you and your clients to recover quickly from attacks, accidents, fires, or natural disasters.


School Threat Assessments
Force Protection Plans and Options
Residental Security Staffing Plans
Risk Mitigation Options
Security Barrier Placement Assessments
Personal Protection Training
Route Driving Planning
Personal Protection Teams
Family Personal Security Specialists
Remote Site Security Assessments


Is your company, commercial property, remote site, building, school or home prepared to defend itself from an attack. Are you prepared for the masked gunman, the home invasion robber, the range of attacks from heavily armed militants or the local school shooter?  If your immediate answer is not a resounding "YES" then you need to call us today for a personal security threat assessment.

The assessment process will include the full range of relevant factors that affects your business or personal safety and  provide you the most appropriate risk mitigation options for your individual needs. It is incumbent upon you to have your sites assessed and then to immediately put into place the industry's best security methods and procedures to enhance your overall safety, security and peace of mind. These methods include updating or reinforcing your present building construction materials, acquiring and installing bullet resistant or bullet proof materials and installing physical barriers to stop intruders from entering into protected areas or other restricted spaces.

As specialists in threat assessments and personal security, RyPul Threat Assessments has produced an effective threat assessment procedure, and we are uniquely suited to assist you with effective, actual and real world risk mitigation options. We help protect you, your site and your clients with the highest possible degree of survivability. Our assessments are designed to help you thwart any attacker at your first level of defense.

Don't accept age old threat modeling or the aftermath responses from crisis management companies, become proactive, get ahead of the game and contact us for a fresh perspective of your available security options.

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