200 U.S. contractors surrounded by jihadists in Iraq

As the battle for Iraq worsens, it was only a matter of time before the private contractors became a part of the religious insurgency happening inside the country. We have for years watched the slaughter in Iraq take place as we were on the front lines of this conflict daily, driving and operating in these still war torn, destructive, polarized, religiously divided cities.

What the U.S. Government tells you about Iraq is incorrect, what the prime minister of Iraq says cannot be believed, what the armchair pundits tell you is nonsense and is an educated guess at best.  I spent the better part of the past six years working TWISS, BESF, WPPS and WPS contracts all over the country of Iraq and I tell you first hand, it is and always will be lawless, the local populace has neither the will nor the capability to defend itself, nor does it care.

The Iraqi Government is full of bluster, hype, over confidence and lacks the ability to make cohesive decision that are in the best interest of all of its citizens.  The American people should demand that our government help recover these great American contractors, then fly off into the sunset leaving Iraq to its on devices.

I can tell you for certain we are not wanted their and cannot influence the situation on the ground without overwhelming combat power and that is not something that I condone. We as a country have lost way too much in the fight for Iraq's life, its time to let it fight for its on survival.

To all the contractors be brave, strong and shoot straight and may god bless you.
To my buddies still on the ground, I will pray for you each night until you return.


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