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“Get in Contact with Former Police Officers and Government Trained Security Professionals”

LOS ANGELES - Aug. 29, 2017 - In the past few years, the threat of terrorism has been a major concern for many people around the world. Terrorism like no any other organized group has very unique characteristics that are making it one of the biggest threats to the safety of general public and individuals playing important roles in the society.

Based out of Southern California, RYPUL is a threat Assessment Company structured to evaluate physical, residential, school campus or commercial property risks. The Californian threat elimination professionals have announced the addition of a new easy to use a feature called “ARRIVE SAFE”.

Arrive Safe is a professional and personalized security services organized for those who feel less comfortable when returning to an empty home, business, apartment or rental property after an extended time away, for fear of being accosted by some unwanted person who could be waiting inside.

RYPUL, the experts in risk management, personals security, loss mitigation, school campus assessments and law enforcement active shooter training, have provided these services to several international governments, small and large business owners in a variety of markets, school systems and private individuals around the world.

RYPUL states that “There is a growing need for affordable, on-call personal protective services that the average American can use, especially since your local police officer won't respond simply just to "check out your home" because you feel uneasy.  Statistics show that 1 out 3 residential assaults are a result of burglary, 85% of break-ins are from desperate and dangerous people, 4 of 10 sexual assaults take place at the victim's home and 1 burglary occurs in the U.S. every 15 seconds.  RYPUL can provide the average person with an armed former law enforcement officer or government trained security professional to walk into and through homes, apartments, businesses or rental properties.”

To learn more, please visit www.rypulassessments.com or Call (888) 818-2790 To Schedule a Service.


It is a global security services provider.   Our expertise has been earned through security operations around the world.  Our network of security professionals can design customized, individualized protective security products at a moment's notice.


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