RyPul Threat Assessments To Conduct Free School or Workplace Wide Security Assessments

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 21, 2017 - RyPul Threat Assessments -- Due to the recent surge in news reports regarding the continued threats of active shooters on school campuses and workplace-related violence attributed to gun violence throughout the United States, RyPul Threat Assessments, the foremost authority on how to protect school campuses nationwide, will be offering (5) free campus-wide school protection threat assessment to any school district in the nation.  The school district can select anyone (1) of its schools to receive this offer at absolutely no cost to the district, the business can have any single structure assessed at no cost.

RyPul Threat Assessments has conducted threat assessments for U.S. Government clients, large commercial property portfolios, school districts, mass transit systems, clients that live in very high threat environments and private residential clients throughout the world. Our consultants are some of the most highly trained and sought after threat assessment consultants in the world.

The assessment upon completion will provide the district or business owner with a complete concentric security assessment on one of its schools or building, on par with U.S. Government assessments as they are performed in various high threat areas around the world.  The CEO Warren Pulley will conduct each of these threat assessments himself, and bring to the process his more than 30 years of military, law enforcement and Middle East threat assessment experience directly to your requested business or school campus.

Mr. Pulley stated " I believe that now is the time for companies such as mine to come to the forefront, and let the public know that professional services such as mine exists and that our children can have the world’s best threat assessment companies, perform first-class physical threat assessments that can ensure the safety of all our children in each and every classroom around the nation."

To take advantage of this offer please go and visit us at www.rypulassessments.com and email us with your request to be included in this free school or workplace-wide threat assessment offer.

Campus. workplace and home safety and the safety of all school children are paramount to RyPul Threat Assessments, so as a partner in school safety, we wanted to give back to our communities with this exclusive free offer.  

Take advantage of this offer today, a life may depend on it.

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