Project 7 Security Group: a U.S. Leader In Personal Protective Security Service

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 8, 2016 - RyPul-- The United States – Project 7 Security Group (P7SG), a full-service legal U.S. Corporation dedicated to personal protective security and custom protection specialty for private sector clients throughout the country, this week officially opened their business for all interested and needing clients.

Comprised of protective specialists whom have operated and provided high-level static and mobile security services around the world, for US Government clientele, Non-Governmental Organizations, Multi-National Corporations, and a host of other clients, P7SG is ready to show the American populace what privatized security can do for their family's well-being.

"P7SG is perfectly positioned to answer the call for providing world-class security and to employ accomplished military personnel," said Brandon Gatewood, Founder and Owner of P7SG. "In a world growing increasingly dangerous from global terrorism and ISIS-related threats, people can't wait around for the government to have their back anymore. That's why we're privatizing our expert security services for everyone."

P7SG Press Release

P7SG is offering custom-tailored security management services for critical infrastructure assets, to include reviews and assessments of existing security systems, security audits, emergency and contingency planning, and secure document disposal.

Additionally, the operation is also providing trained drivers delivering high-level transport security and executive protection in armored vehicles. P7SG's drivers are professional trained and familiar with social, economic, political, and threat situations in any particular area.

"Our executive protection services focus on keeping our clients safe, secure, and in the know with regards to unforeseen threats and undercurrents," said Senior Vice President Warren Pulley. "We are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind in an increasingly chaotic world, and we want everyone to know they have access to our expertly trained and highly-professional security services."

P7SG also provides 24-7 protective services for high-level individuals, diplomats, executives, ambassadors, and foreign nationals.

P7SG is currently seeking interested investors please following the below link for additional information.


For more information, visit: http://www.project7security.com/.

Brandon Gatewood, CEO
Project 7 Security Group

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