Choctaw Nation Demonstrates Safer Schools For America Bullet-Stopping Door Panels

Original Writing By: Danielle King, KXII 12 Durant OK
Additional Editing By: Warren Pulley, CEO RyPul Threat Assessments

DURANT, Okla. -- Choctaw Nation representatives say they're in the process of outfitting their facilities with door shields. "We are taking a very proactive role in getting these safety measures implemented," Cecilia Armendariz said. Armendariz is the director of facilities for the Choctaw Nation.

The door shield weighs 55 pounds and is 3/8ths of an inch thick and made of fiberglass. It's function is to stop bullets from penetrating classroom doors. "I firmly believe that we will be retro-fitting our facilities at this point," Choctaw Nation Commodities Manager Boyd Miller said.

Safer Schools For America Bullet Resistant Door Shield
The tribe brought in business owner and tribe member, Sage Dyer in to demonstrate the product. She is the founder of Safer Schools for America, and the inventor of this door shield.

"I'm a mom," Dyer said when asked what was her inspiration to invent this product.

During the demonstration, shooters fired rounds from a .40 and .44 caliber pistols, a 12-gauge shotgun, and an AR 556 rifle at the door. Only the rifle bullets were able to puncture the door.

RyPul Threat Assessment CEO Warren Pulley Demonstrates The Shield Effectiveness
Along with the shield, Dyer's company also showed off its locking system, and bullet proof glass.

Armendariz said she sees the purchase of these shields as a service to the tribe's members. "We want to make sure that our children and our senior citizens are in the safest environment possible," she said. "We do have some rural areas where unfortunately getting security and keeping things safe is difficult."

See the Safer Schools For America Bullet Resistant Door Shield In action below!

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