OC Campus Takes Action Against School Shootings With Bullet-Resistant Protection Systems - Afro News Service

ORANGE COUNTY (CBSLA.com) — As school shootings continue to be a concern across the county, one Orange County campus is taking action by installing bullet-resistant school protection systems. Special door locks, which can be operated remotely by somebody inside if an intruder is threatening people on campus, were donated to Valley Vista Continuation High School’s Fountain Valley campus Tuesday. “I’m staggered by the amount of problems that have occurred in this country, and we’re not protecting the children of this country. 

We protect banks, gas stations, courtrooms,” Rok Mobile spokesman Jonathan Kendrick said. Los Angeles County company Safer Schools for America made the donation with John Paul Dijoria, who founded the John Paul Mitchell hair-care line before his latest venture with Rok Mobile. Valley Vista Principal Kerry Clitheroe welcomes any added security systems. “This could happen … at any school. So, what can we do as a staff and a school district to make school the safest place for students so they can learn?” she asked. 

Valley Vista isn’t the only school receiving such a donation. Edison High School in Huntington Beach will receive shatter-resistant window shields to protect students in the event of a shooting. And next month, 35 bulletproof door shields, similar to those on cockpit doors, will be donated and installed at Peterson Elementary School in Huntington Beach. - See more at: http://afro-universe.com/oc-campus-takes-action-against-school-shootings-with-bullet-resistant-protection-systems-2/#sthash.uc30iKJ2.dpuf

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