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My fundly campaign for effective bullet resistant ballistic school safety product donations for all children and schools throughout the U.S. is up and running.
Be active by donating, sharing the post and participating in change. If you ever needed a way to effect the school safety debate this is it. If we don't protect our children who will?

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The safety of each and every child in America on a school campus today is at stake. School shootings, armed men running through school campuses after committing other crimes and random acts of violence on or near our school campuses seem to be an ever increasing event that appears to defy a common sense solution when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable among us. 
The fact is that camera systems, locked gates, badge scanners and additional police officers on campuses cannot stop the threat of violence nor diminish its devastating impact on children and families once the event is over and this is something that as a parent is extremely disheartening to me. I like so many other parents send my child to school each day with the uneasy feeling that "today" could be the day that their campus becomes the crime scene and the topic of endless discussion on how to deal with the active shooter on campus today.
Well as the owner of a professional threat assessment company, a certified personal protection specialist and former law enforcement officer, I have decided that I needed to step up and get involved with a no nonsense solution that is sensible, effective and proven to help eliminate the effect of the school shooter once they enter any campus in the country.
A truly effective solution is the use of bullet resistant ballistic door products, moveable ballistic whiteboards, wireless remote door locks (that aid teachers in securing doors instantly) and liquid window film technology. The ballistic material helps in stopping bullets as they attempt to penetrate doors and walls, and the liquid window film technology also helps in protecting classrooms windows from being smashed in or blow apart during a school attack.
On every level parents, educators, law enforcement and concerned citizens need to become active in ensuring the safety of our children as they attend school campuses throughout the country each and every day, and we all need to really take a stand and do something to prevent the next death on a school campus, the mayhem that occurs during a school shooting and the emotional destruction that events like this cause way too often.
My request to you is a simple one, please help me help your child and mine by donating to my school campus protection fund right now.
I will donate 100% of the proceeds to needy campuses across the nation that are in need of ballistic school protection systems that actually help prevent deaths on our school campuses.  I will work with superintendents, parent groups, ballistic manufacturers, media groups and the public to select schools that wish to participate in this funded donation program and post the results of each donation as they are made.
The protection of a complete classroom which includes a wireless remote lock and a ballistic door shield can be installed for as little as $1000 dollars, which is such a small price to pay for the protection of a child in a classroom right now. 
Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.
No more talk, don't think about it any longer, ACT TODAY!

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