Sioux City Administrators Continue to Fail Schools

Lets me understand this correctly $454,000 thousands dollars for camera upgrades right? But how many of these cameras have the actual capability to save a life? I'm going to go out on a limb and say not one single camera will save one precious life. Sioux City get real, have a professional assessment completed on your campuses, by 21st century threat assessment professionals, and then do the correct thing for your school aged children, place ballistic materials in your school systems today in order to be much more effective in protecting a life.

Camera's - not.
Read on.

SIOUX CITY, IA - After another school shooting, Sioux City Schools are planning to update their security.

Monday night, the Sioux City School board approved a measure to strengthen safety throughout the district.

Siouxland News Reporter Joe Bisaccia has more on the changes we can expect to school cameras.

The measure was approved in a unanimous decision and now the district has an agreement with Midwest Alarms to add additional cameras to all schools and replace ones that have outdated technology. When it comes out down to it, it's all about safety.

"This is very important for our district. It helps us replace aging infrastructure and it helps us expand cameras in many buildings that didn't have any. It also helps us get modern capabilities that'll allow administrators and staff to be more effective in policing and making sure that we have a safe and secure environment," said Neil Schroeder, Sioux City Schools Director of Technology.

The cost of the project is a little more than 454-thousand - dollars. Installation of the new cameras is expected to begin right after the New Year.

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