BY SchoolReach | Posted: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 03:47 PM Firm’s latest infographic offers statistics on wide spectrum of school safety issues ST. LOUIS, MO – JULY 30, 2014 – As K-12 school administrators look ahead to a new school year, the experts at SchoolReach are urging educators to complete a comprehensive review of school safety threats. The firm has released a new school safety infographic entitled “School Safety Threats and Statistics” to provide school leaders with a broad overview of the threats that can put student safety at risk. “There are many kinds of threats to school safety that school leaders need to be aware of,” said Paul Langhorst, co-founder of SchoolReach. “School shootings and bullying are important concerns, but they’re not the only issues school administrators should know about.” As an example, Mr. Langhorst points to data from the National Fire Protection Association which states that more than 4,000 structure fires occur in U.S. schools on a yearly basis. “We all take fire safety for granted, but fires can and do break out in schools all the time,” said Mr. Langhorst. “Educators must be prepared to respond to safety threats like these and communicate about them with parents at a moment's notice.” To create the infographic, SchoolReach team members gathered statistics on key school safety threats and created eye-catching visualizations to illustrate just how important each issue is. “Every school administrator who views this infographic will probably be surprised by at least one of the statistics shown,” said Mr. Langhorst. “It’s easy to underestimate lesser-known threats to student and school safety, but the ‘that will never happen here’ mindset can expose schools to significant risks.” The infographic can be viewed on the SchoolReach website by visiting schoolreach.com/safetystats. About SchoolReach SchoolReach is a leading provider of school notification systems, anonymous bully reporting solutions, and mobile apps for schools. Trusted by thousands of schools across America, SchoolReach helps schools deliver critical parent communications and enhance school safety. In addition to providing schools with patented, market-leading technology solutions, SchoolReach provides a library of professional development content featuring top experts in the fields of school safety, bullying prevention, school communications, and other relevant topics. To learn more about how SchoolReach can help keep your school or district safe, visit schoolreach.com. Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 03:47 PM | Tags: Business , Education , Local News , Schools , Technology , Teens , Youth Activities

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