Police find weapons, 'credible' threat linked to Marcellus middle school student | syracuse.com

The threat of school shootings are a phenomenon that simple will not be wished away, I am certain that there is a very large segment of our society that feels the school shooter scenario is a "NIMBY" situation and that only "those" people have to deal with shootings on a campus.  I urge parents, school administrators, police departments and students to realize that these incidents are here to stay.  As evidenced in the report below, read on.

Police find weapons, 'credible' threat linked to Marcellus middle school student | syracuse.com

Marcellus, NY - The Marcellus Village Police removed an unspecified number of weapons from a middle school student's home after classmates overheard two students discussing violent movies and past school shootings.

It was also disclosed that one of the two students discussing violence indicated a desire to do harm to a couple of classmates, Marcellus authorities said.  Marcellus Central School District Superintendent Craig J. Tice and village Police Chief Robert Wicks detailed the week's events leading up to the removal of the weapons in a letter mailed Friday to parents.  The two will hold a press conference at the Marcellus Village police offices at 3:30 p.m. to discuss the situation.  "It has been determined by law enforcement that the incident has been thoroughly investigated, that the threat has been eliminated and access to weapons has been removed, and that no students are in any danger," Tice said in a press release.

The superintendent and police chief both said they are confident the immediate threat has been extinguished.

On Monday, classmates overheard two C.S. Driver Middle School students having a disturbing conversation about violent movies and past school shootings. The two students have not been identified because of their age.  That evening, one of the classmates reported what they had overheard to a parent, who contacted school officials Tuesday morning.  The district's three school resource officers - Matt Hayes, John Scanlon and Earl Smith - along with middle school administrators, immediately interviewed the witness and the two suspects. They determined the presence of a credible threat.  The district alerted village police and sheriff's deputies, who then conducted a search of the students' homes. In one of the homes, deputies found and removed a number of weapons.

On Wednesday, it was also disclosed that one of the two students indicated a desire to harm a couple of classmates.  Thursday, administrators spoke with faculty and staff. The community and parents were notified today.  Student privacy laws prohibit district officials from commenting on any specific action taken, a press release from the district said.  "The situation has been brought to a successful conclusion," Wicks said. "School district officials and local law enforcement have collaborated in a manner - especially thanks to the work of the school resource officers - that ensured that this situation received the utmost attention and priority and that the school district has taken appropriate action."

Tice and Wicks offered their thanks and admiration to the student who opted not to be simply a bystander.

"This incident proves that our first line of defense is the students themselves," Tice said. "This young witness demonstrated good judgment and great courage by stepping forward."

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