ROK Mobile and Safer Schools for America Will Donate A Classroom Bullet Resistant Protection System To Valley Vista High School

Los Angeles, CA, December 1, 2014—John Paul DeJoria, well-known for John Paul Mitchell Hair Care, Patron Tequila, and the recently-launched ROK Mobile, together with Safer Schools for America (SSFA), announced today that they will donate a Bullet Resistant School Protection System to Valley Vista High School in Fountain Valley, California on December 12, 2014.

The unfortunate truth is that shootings on school grounds are on the rise. Building on the initiative’s collaborative framework, John Paul, through the ROK Mobile RAMP program and SSFA mission, will bring together students, parents, educators, PTAs, and local law enforcement to educate them on the practicality and affordability of the bullet resistant system. While violence cannot be fully stopped, these two parties are joining forces to try to reduce the risks and protect our children and teachers from injury. John Paul and SSFA believe that parents have the right to know that these systems are readily available and easy to install. Similar to how Airlines protect their pilots by using bulletproof doors, The Bullet Resistant System will work as the first barrier to keeping kids, faculty, and staff safe.

We embrace the opportunity to provide violence prevention and school safety resources to our community’s schools and families. It is vital we work together as a community to keep our children safe.” John Paul DeJoria, Co-Founder, ROK Mobile.

ROK Mobile, an innovative, telecommunications and music streaming company will be working with PTA’s along with SSFA on a nationwide fundraiser program. These fundraisers will enable patrons from the enrolled schools that purchase the ROK Mobile service to contribute $24/year per phone activation. The fundraising monies will be allocated directly to school districts for security needs, such as increased school ground security, security technology, etc. Safer Schools for America will match dollar for dollar all funds acquired through the fund raising activities with certified Bullet Resistant Security Products. John Paul's hope is to create a groundbreaking fundraising program, addressing children’s safety by raising funds with something that has become essential to everyday life, the mobile phone.

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