Gov. Terry McAuliffe falls far short on school safety

The Governor of  Virginia Terry McAuliffe, The Virginia Department of Education, The Virginia State Department of Criminal Justice Services along with each and every school administrator did a deadly disservice to every child in their state by funding $138,887 dollars in security related upgrades that do nothing to stop a bullet once fired from the gun of an active school shooter.

All of the pretty, feel good measure taken by this group of do gooder's will appease a large part of the population, and make themselves feel good at night, but will actually do nothing to save your child from being shot to death in a class room.

The grants  "are intended to pay for video monitoring systems, metal detectors, classroom locks, electronic-access controls, visitor-identifications systems, direct communications links between schools and law enforcement agencies, and other security upgrades in schools." I can sum up in one word just how effective these well intentioned methods will perform against a round travelling from the barrel of a gun.