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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

RyPul Threat Assessments has launched a new website

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Company Name:   RyPul Threat Assessments

Company Website:

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of our specific threat assessment services and outlines our expertise in the area of physical security specific to business and personal protective services. The site will be of tremendous value to governments, school systems, individuals, entrepreneurs, business professionals and small businesses and corporate America. “RyPul is taking protective security and threat assessment services to the next level”, said Warren Pulley, the founder of RyPul Threat Assessments. “We expect a tremendous response, sales and client interaction through our convenient, user-friendly website.”

Thousands of individuals, businesses and governments are looking for our specific brand of protective expertise and security solutions throughout the U.S. “With our more than 30 years of combined security and assessment expertise, many business owners, individuals and entrepreneurs will now be able to obtain first class, first world, best practiced protective services,” said founder Warren Pulley.

You can find RyPul Threat Assessments Company’s website at for additional information on what we offer and how we can assist you.

About RyPul Threat Assessments:
RyPul Threat Assessments was founded in 2011 on the standard of providing our clients industry-leading threat assessment consulting based around security options from our industry-leading consultants and assessment experts. During our Security Assessment, all aspects of your security program are examined, any weaknesses are identified, and suggestions for security improvements are made.

RyPul Threat Assessments,
Phone: (+1) – 8668386334,

Saturday, October 28, 2017

School Campus Safety Experts to Combat Active Shooters

RyPul Threat Assessments School Campus Safety Experts to Combat Active Shooters

An Idea That Can Actually Save the Lives of Children at School

Oct. 28, 2017 - LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- With the number of active shootings on or near school campuses in the United States continuing at an alarming rate; expert security consultants in the field of protective security, product manufacturing, and school safety has decided to deliver a suite of physical protective products that have been tested and proven to stop bullets fired from multiple caliber weapons to include the AR-15 automatic rifle.

Mr. Warren the CEO of RyPul Threat Assessments states that “These random acts of violence are not going to stop and we are coming together in order to make a difference by protecting the lives of children on our campuses with our proven products, we have to do better for our children and educators, we are joining efforts to become a stronger force to deal with the problem of public shootings, as everyone deserves to a have a safe school or workplace for their kids and employees.”

RyPul Threat Assessments will bring expertise and awareness to the public by highlighting the on-going problem of how to deal effectively with "Active Shooters" on our school campuses and public spaces as well as bring awareness to the public that a Bullet Resistant Protection System designed specifically for classrooms, residential homes and commercial spaces is available and affordable.

The three-step system, which includes bullet resistant door shields, wireless remote door locks, and blast and smash resistant window laminates has been designed, tested and installed by this protective security company is already at work in school systems, homes and business around the country.

These products are providing effective lifesaving coverage at this very moment according to Warren the CEO of RyPul Threat Assessments, Pulley also states “We may not be able to stop the violent acts but we can reduce the risk of death and protect our children, teachers, and employees from being hurt in the same way that the banking, food service and airlines industries protect their people: by placing them behind bullet-resistant protective barriers.”  The products have received a lot of media coverage and have been tested and demonstrated around the country to school systems, business owners, and residential home builders and have been favorably received.

Mr. Pulley states “People will continue to talk about how to stop active shooters, meanwhile kids keep dying. This protection simply stops bullets once they are fired.  I’ve studied this system for myself and find it to be simple and extraordinary, I recommend all schools put this in place today, the time for talk is over.”

For more information visit

RyPul Threat Assessments

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Active Shooter Preparedness – Current State of Readiness; Detailed Guide on How to Be Prepared

Everbridge and  Emergency Management and Safety (EMS) Solutions recently conducted a survey around active shooter preparedness and found organizations are overwhelmingly concerned about violent acts – such as active shooter situations – taking place in their buildings or on campus. Despite this concern, the majority of respondents said they were not properly prepared for an active shooter event.

Public and private organizations have long sought to prepare themselves for natural disasters, severe weather and other large-scale incidents that can pose dangers to employees, visitors, students, patients and customers. But in recent years, the increased frequency of deadly active shooter incidents has elevated these events to top-of-mind for anyone responsible for the well-being of those people and the continuity of their business.

Advance planning and training are the keys to maximizing the safety of your people, but they also play a key role in the continuity of your business. Active shooter events have repercussions that extend well beyond their actual duration, so knowing what to do before, during and after will help create an atmosphere of security and stability. This may seem like common sense, but as Everbridge learned through its comprehensive 2016 survey, Active Shooter Preparedness, what makes sense isn’t always what is being done.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines an “active shooter” as “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.” Alongside data from the FBI about active shooter incidents since the year 2000, this report presents the results from the survey to provide the perspective of nearly 900 leaders from business, academia and government on where their organizations stand in terms of awareness, preparedness and practice. These will provide insights – many of them real eye-openers – about the state of readiness for active shooter events across a broad swath of industries and organizations.

We also include recommendations from Regina Phelps, founder of Emergency Management and Safety Solutions. Ms. Phelps is an internationally recognized expert in the field of emergency management and contingency planning. She has provided consultation and speaking services to clients on four continents since 1982 and is the author of From Response to Recovery: Conducting Successful Exercises. This report also touches on insights from Everbridge on critical components of a comprehensive emergency communications system so organizations can minimize both the immediate impact and enduring consequences on your personnel and your business from active shooter incidents and other workplace violence.

The reality of the modern world is that we all must be prepared for the worst. We hope that this report gives you tools and information you can use to ensure that your company is as prepared as it can possibly be.

— The Everbridge Team

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Student planned kill zone in his high school

Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Cant School Protect Kids From Active Shooters?

650 Billion Dollars a Year in Education Funding Why Cant School Protect Kids From Active Shooters?

LOS ANGELES - Feb. 22, 2016 - By RyPul Threat Assessments

Again one of the latest school shootings, February 12th at Independence High School in Glendale Arizona High School, proves once again that schools systems haven’t the slightest idea on how to improve school safety let alone how to implement the latest industrial products into the school systems to offer real life saving protective choices.  After travelling the United States over the past year and speaking to school district administrators, district security managers, school police officers and concerned parents groups, I have come to realize that they all want the same things, disagree on how to do it, hence nothing ever gets accomplished, yet the bullets continue to fly on our campuses and our children continue to die and be placed in harm’s way, simple to due to a lack of care, concern, forward thinking and ineptitude.

This latest tragedy is once again being reported by all the usual media sources across the country, and as usual after each and every one of these events, I see the same talking heads appearing on the local and national news programs congratulating the local police response, the local school administrators for their great reporting of the facts and I cringe at the out pouring of heartbreaking emotion by the family and friends of those killed in these senseless shootings, all the while knowing that there are common sense solutions in the marketplace at this very moment that can take the prospect of school safety and security to the next levels of protection.  

I have advocated for years the need for school systems to begin installing bullet and blast proof products into their standard school construction building plans or using planned building upgrades as the only real risk mitigation option to bullets being fired on or near school campuses on a daily basis. All the usual recommendation simply doesn’t work.

visit for details.

Now anytime I speak to administrators, teachers, politicians or even parents, the once line that rings true to them all, is that they are all against our schools looking to “militaristic”, and I had to really sit down and ask myself, after serving in the military on bases around the world just what they meant, and I came to the following conclusion.  It is that these stakeholders have no idea what they are truly talking about; they are all using a talking point to scare people into inaction. After studying schools safety protocols, 

I can report that schools are already armed, secured camps in their own rights. Schools already have armed police patrolling them, locked gates, metal detectors, some K-9 patrols, state of the art camera systems, bio-metric systems and badging capabilities, and from my experience with military bases they have all of the exact same protocols in place to limit access to its most sensitive areas.  The only difference being most buildings on military installations have some type of bullet resistant and blast protection installed it is most sensitive structures to protect its members when all of the above security protocols fail.

I am again repeating my call to all parents and students organizations, to pressure your local school systems into action and demand patented bullet resistant doors shields, protective glass products and specialty wireless school door locking systems, specifically designed for classroom protection and security.  

It is urgent that we get serious about saving the lives of children at school. Inaction kills.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Affordable Bullet Resistant School Protection Systems Available Now

LOS ANGELES - Dec. 17, 2015 -- With the number of school shootings continuing to rise at an alarming rate, parents are frightened and looking for help. We can’t let this phenomenon continue. You shouldn’t have to worry about your children at school every day.  RyPul Threat Assessments has identified a crucial step in curtailing school shootings and today announced their affordable Bullet Resistant School Protection System, designed specifically for classrooms.

The Bullet Resistant School Protection System was created specifically for classroom protection and security. The systems contain bullet resistant doors, shields, and specialty wireless school door locking mechanisms. According to Threat Protection Specialist, Warren Pulley, CEO of RyPul Threat Assessments, school districts have very little budget money. That’s why the Bullet Resistant System was created to be affordable.

“We may not be able to stop the violent acts, but we can certainly reduce the risk and protect our children and teachers. The recent armed attacks in San Bernardino, CA, as well as the threat to shoot students at several major school districts around Los Angeles and the country, continue to highlight the need for a change in strategy and physical protection. The time for talk is over. Decision makers need to act now to save lives.  More has to be done to bring awareness to the school districts, parents, and government officials. There are tangible solutions that will save countless lives. We have to do better for our children and educators,” said Pulley.

These bullet resistant products prevent bullets from handguns, shotguns and AR15's from penetrating school doors. These products have been tested and demonstrated around the country. Pulley states, “People will continue to talk about the epidemic. Meanwhile, kids will continue to die. Protection systems created by my manufacturing partners with input from school safety advocates are available now.  I’ve tested these systems for myself and find them to be simple, extraordinary, and effective.”

School districts across the country can have access to these products now. Parents should demand their school systems install them immediately. The time to act is now. We can’t wait another second for our children.

You can find more information at

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

AQAP’s New Call To Lone Wolves To 'Assassinate' Economic Personalities, Wealthy Entrepreneurs, Workplace Employees

Public Health And Safety AQAP’s New Call To Lone Wolves To 'Assassinate' Economic Personalities, Wealthy Entrepreneurs, Workplace Employees

By: Anthony Kimery, Editor-in-Chief

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Only days before the anniversary of the 9/11 attack, “Assassination Operations” is the focus of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) latest issue of its English-language magazine Inspire, which targets Muslims and those newly converted to radical Islam.

Among the articles is a military analysis of the January 2015 attack on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo; instructions for making a home-made grenade; and "Assassinations Field Tactics,” which lists 10 well-known Americans as targets of jihad.

All Western targets on AQAP’s hit list are divided into “economic personalities” and “wealthy entrepreneurs and company owners,” among whom is former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Robert James Shiller, Charlie and David Koch, Sam Walton, Sheldon Adelson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison and Michael Bloomberg.

Previous issues of Inspire had already suggested Bernanke and Gates as targets for jihadi assassination.

Homeland Security Today also is one of five media quoted in a two-page spread in the latest Inspire titled,Inspire Reactions: Government & Media Responses.

Among the articles in the latest Inspire are, Some Things Are Too Beautiful to be Forgotten: Will We Ever Experience Such a Sight Once More? (the headline that opens a two-page spread photo of a collapsing World Trade Center building); Remembering BostonDid You Know that a TSA Security Officer is More Likely to Confiscate a Water Bottle than a Bomb; and, Assassination Operations.

"We present to you, a model to follow, and an assassination list which will help us achieve strategic goals,” AQAP said. “We believe that placing this feasible program to Lone Mujahideen will allow us to achieve great goals in this war. Whoever understands the components of the American economy knows the importance these personalities play in the revival of the America Economy. The assassination of these economic personalities or their migration from America or the mere fact that they live in insecurity, will later on bring instability to the American economy."

“One central theme from all Inspire magazines which are directed to Al Qaeda sympathizers in the West has been for calls to do lone wolf attacks,” Homeland Security Today was told by Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadi social media.

“In fact,” Stalinsky said,” this can be traced to the June 3, 2011 seminal Al Sahab video staring Adam Gadahn, ‘Do Not Rely on Others, Take [the Task] Upon Yourself.’ The video was devoted to the topic of Al Jihad Al Fardi ('individual jihad'), namely jihad operations performed by a single individual or by a small group.”

“From that point on,” Stalinsky told Homeland Security Today, “Al Qaeda called on Muslim communities in the West to attack from home.”

Gadahn was an American from California who joined AQAP and became an operative, cultural interpreter, spokesman and media advisor who’d been placed on the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Rewards for Justice Program list of wanted criminals killed in a 2008 US drone strike.

Gadahn had proselytized that, “Muslims in the West have to remember that they are perfectly placed to play an important and decisive part in the jihad against the Zionists and the Crusaders, and to do major damage to the enemies of Islam, waging war on the religion, sacred places and things, and brethren. This is a golden opportunity and a blessing from Allah. The way to show one’s appreciation and thanks for this blessing is to rush to discharge one’s duty to his ummah, and fight on its behalf, with everything at his disposal.”

“And in the West,” Gadahn exhorted the willing, “you’ve got a lot at your disposal … Anyone who is thinking of going forth to the arenas of jihad today has to be aware of the difficulties and dangers that he might face, and that in the end, things might not turn out as he had wished. But by the grace of Allah, the enemies’ interests are today spread all over the place and are easily accessible, as the leaked American State Department cable on critical foreign dependencies makes crystal-clear.”

“So, the opportunity to carry out the divine obligation of fighting the enemies of Allah is available to anyone who has the will and determination, regardless of where he might be,” Gadahn continued.

Stalinsky noted that, “Since this video, and especially with the advent of ISIS and the explosion of social media usage by jihadis, there have been numerous successful and failed attacks in the West. Fourteen years after 9/11, this has become part of life in the West, and proves the calls by Al Qaeda have been heard.”

And that’s what keeps the US Intelligence Community (IC) awake at night, IC counterterrorism officials told Homeland Security Today. With more US-based jihadist terror cases in 2015 than in any full year since 9/11, and the number of US terrorist cases involving homegrown violent jihadists having escalated from 38 in July 2010, to 124 today -- more than a three-fold increase in just five years -- officials said the “persistent” calls for lone wolf jihadists to kill individuals on jihadi assassination lists “will likely provoke” new lone wolf or small cadre attacks.

“The cumulative call to jihad against specific persons, and instructions on how to try to do it, seems to parallel the increase in assassinations and attempts, and jihad attacks in general suggested by AQAP,” one of the officials stated.

US counterterrorism intelligence officials have told Homeland Security Today they “have every reason to believe” Islamist jihadists – all Muslims or individuals and small cells of individuals who’ve recently converted to the Muslim faith and radicalized by online jihadist propaganda -- or recruiters at the Mosques they attend -- are believed to be planning “far more spectacular attacks in the US” than the attempted attack in Texas, at which time officials acknowledged there may be hundreds, if not thousands of radicalized individuals in the US -- some undoubtedly in direct contact with jihadists overseas.

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense -- not just a few of whose senior leaders are named in a recent ISIS “hit list” -- ordered all military installations to “Force Protection Condition (FPCON) Bravo,” which means “an increased and more Predictable Terrorist Threat Activity exists. Specific information suggests probable violence,” and that “extra precaution is appropriate to deter terrorist planning.”

"We have a general concern, obviously, that ISI[S] is focusing on the uniformed military and law enforcement," Comey told reporters.

US Northern Command Commander (NORTHCOM) Admiral William Gortney, who oversees all US military installations in the United States, ordered the FPCON.

NORTHCOM spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said, "We have the same concern about the potential threat posed by violent homegrown extremists.”

Last March, Homeland Security Today reported that as 80 percent of Americans being polled were saying ISIS poses a serious threat to the United States, ISIS supporters were finalizing an English language hit-list of 100 US military personnel, including their photos and addresses. The list -- which Homeland Security Today reviewed -- began to be circulated on jihadi forums and social media on March 21.

The hit list was much like the hit list Al Qaeda supporters circulated on jihadist social media sites in June 2011 which Homeland Security Today first reported. The difference is the current list provides the home addresses of most of the service members on the new list, including top officers in very important command positions.

Eleven of the nation’s top military leaders were among 58 past and present military, corporate and civilian officials identified by members of the Al Qaeda-linked Ansar Al Mujahedeen jihadist forum as infidels who should be murdered, according to a jihadist “hit list” that accompanied a June 6, 2011 Florida fusion center bulletin.

“As in previous issues, this issue [of Inspire] contains an ‘Open Source Jihad’ section which contains specific instructions on how to carry out attacks in the West so that Muslims can ‘train at home instead of risking a dangerous travel abroad,” MEMRI said. “This feature in this issue of the magazine focuses on lone wolf operations, because, it says, they are less expensive to carry out. It also reveals that there are future plans for further articles dedicated to ‘a complete comprehensive assassination program appropriate for a Lone Mujahid operations in upcoming issues of the magazine.’”

“Explaining in depth about choosing a target, the article states that military or security personnel targets inside the US would require multiple operations on a larger scale,” MEMRI stated in an analysis of the current issue of Inspire. “Instead, it suggests smaller targets such as economic magnates, since this could help achieve the group's goals over a shorter period of time. It states:"
"Selecting a target for assassination is divided into two categories; assassinating a target in order to achieve either strategic or tactical goals. As for us, we will be concentrating on operations that will yield strategic goals, directly affecting our war. As for tactical targets, such as assassinating military or security personnel inside America, its resulting effects do not surface unless after executing many operations of the like. And this cannot be realized except with the existence of a Jihadi organization inside America. And it requires a long period of time to execute these operations and requires other independent elements e.g. the masses and population to back you up in order to achieve success. That is why it is necessary for us to concentrate on targeting prominent personalities in order to achieve great goals in a short period."

The magazine provides detailed instructions on how to select a target and carry out an attack.

In the new Inspire article, Assassination Operations, jihadists are provided instructions on how to collect information on a target, generate a plan, prepare for an operation and how to execute an operation. It also provides step-by-step instructions on how to make a deadly timed hand grenade.

Another article, Charlie Hebdo Military Analysis, analyzed the stages involved in the operation. The first method listed is lone jihad, and explained that Inspire was instrumental in the attack on Charlie Hebdothat killed Stephane Charbonnier -- the editor and cartoonist among the 10 journalists killed in the attack on the satirical newspaper’s Paris offices. Charbonnier had been listed as a target.
AQAP said the successful attack on Charlie Hebdo was because it had placed targeted persons on a wanted list that was distributed to Lone Mujahideen, adding, “This had no direct connection with the jihadi organization except by means of inspiring and guiding Lone Mujahideen. Inspire magazine was used as the medium to distribute this list. One of the wanted criminals on the list was Stephane Charbonnier."

AQAP takes credit for the operation and explained the group selected and trained Said Koachi, one of the radicalized Islamist jihadists who attacked Charlie Hebdo.

With Islamist jihadi attacks rising, counterterrorism officials who spoke to Homeland Security Today on background because they’re not authorized to discuss classified information, said they believe AQAP strategically timed release of the latest issue of Inspire “while the iron is hot, so to speak,” as one stated.

Perhaps coincidentally, the Islamic State (ISIS) simultaneously released the latest issue of their magazine,Dabiq, which largely deals with the ideology and practices of jihad and sharia law.

Interestingly, just like Inspire did in quoting coverage of AQAP and Inspire by five media -- includingHomeland Security Today -- the latest Dabiq reprints the article, Islamic State is Winning, America Must Soon Use its One Remaining Option, by Michael Scheuer, the CIA’s former head of its Usama Bin Laden unit. Through the magazine, ISIS also offers a Norwegian and Chinese prisoner for sale in “a limited time offer.” 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015



May 20,2015 ( - LOS ANGELES, CA – RyPul Threat Assessments has partnered with U.S. bullet proof product manufacturing companies to develop effective bullet resistant products to protect local schools. THE NEW PUBLIC SCHOOL HERO - RyPul Threat Assessments comes to Southern California
Warren Pulley is the owner of RyPul Threat Assessments, which specializes in assisting clients in learning how to defend and protect themselves on their campuses, workplaces or residences. Pulley believes this is much a needed service in Southern California, the United States and around the world.  As a Certified Worldwide Protection Specialist, trained by the U.S. State Department, Los Angeles Police Department and the U.S. Military, Pulley has worked in high threat environments around the world. Through RyPul Threat Assessments Pulley has now brought his skills home from the war zone and other high threat areas into our schools, residences and businesses near you. Pulley stated “as our country continues to experience the pains of school shootings, take-over robberies and work place violence involving guns, I decided that I needed to share my experience, training and expertise with anyone ready to take defense of themselves, their students, their homes, their businesses and employees to the next level”.
RyPul Threat Assessments motto is “Detect, Design, and Defend
RyPul Threat Assessments has taken on several clients in Southern California since opening for business, RyPul has also partnered with a national bulletproof fabrication companies to help design cost effective bulletproof products for clients at all levels and financial means.  As the owner of RyPul Threat Assessments, Pulley has also appeared on network television, been interviewed by several regional media newspapers and visited local area schools to speak with students, teachers and administrators about the importance of being aware of security threats that may affect their environment. “
RyPul specializes in conducting School Threat Assessments, Residential Security Planning, Personal Protection Assessments, Site Security Planning, Asset Tagging and Tracking as well as providing physical Risk Mitigation Options.  RyPul Threat Assessments can be found on the Web at, also see RyPul’s blog at

Contact Details:

Name:Warren Pulley
Position:Media Contact
Company:RyPul Threat Assessments
Country:United States of America
Contact No.:(951) 818-2005

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Evolution and Downfall Of Our Police Departments

By Warren Pulley, CEO, RyPul Threat Assessments
Since the early 1700s, populations in the United States have had some form of “Night Watch”, “Town Watch” or Constable to help provide gaps in protection that the locally armed citizenry could not do. Early Americans did not depend on their police departments to protect them from each and every ill in the society of the day; they instead wanted their police officers to maintain the class systems that were in place with early settlers and help with the protection of private property when the citizenry could not.
The use of police-type organizations such as the Pinkerton's, the Mint Police, US Parks Police, and U.S. Marshall's helped establish law and order in the early days, and provided the established respect for law enforcement officers and the dangers they faced in our untamed early country and westward settlements.
Fast forward to the 21st Century, and take a long and hard look at any police or sheriff’s department in this country and you will find it under siege. And when I say under siege, I mean just that.  They have constant pressure applied to them by race-baiting attorneys and news organizations that fail to do their due diligence and seek the truth of any given police situation.  Internal Affairs departments – that in their haste to calm what is seen as racial tension – go after law abiding, policy minding police officers with a vengeance for the sake of perceived fairness, along with the Monday morning quarterbacking public that gobbles up the downfall of one of its protectors with a pizza and a soda.
I spent the better part of 12 years patrolling the streets of Los Angeles in the divisions of Rampart and Southeast, and constantly walked the line of being a perceived racist cop.  Although I was a black police officer, I watched untold numbers of officers adopt the drive and wave approach to police work due to the harsh, unbalanced and out of whack internal investigations that could and did derail their careers – often times based on a mis-perception of a police officer’s authority and the department’s lack of ability and unwillingness to explain such to the general public.
The downfall of our police departments will be swift and permanent, and will leave a whole class of people defenseless and unprotected if, as Americans, we don’t collectively take steps to defend our officers when they are in the right.  They have the absolute authority to conduct the kind of policing they are sworn to do, and call out any officer that is failing to protect and serve citizens with the zeal that they would protect their own families with.
Let’s get something straight, not every black person shot by a white officer is a victim.  There are black males that carry guns illegally on our streets, and they do fight with police officers when confronted with arrest – and then look to illicit the sympathy of the general public by crying foul when injured or killed by the police for their aggressive and illegal actions.  This exact chain of events occurs in the white community also, but the visceral, negative reaction to the same events in different neighborhoods is the main cause of the downfall of our police departments.
Mark my words, if we as a society continue to scapegoat our police, prop up our most vile criminals and violators, and scatter reasonable discussion and discourse to the wind, then we may wake up one morning to find the disbanding of police departments nationwide and the return to self-preservation, self-protection and self-governance. How many of you are really ready for that?
Warren Pulley is a military veteran, former law enforcement officer, and current CEO of RyPul Threat Assessments (a global threat assessment company).

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Choctaw Nation Demonstrates Safer Schools For America Bullet-Stopping Door Panels

Original Writing By: Danielle King, KXII 12 Durant OK
Additional Editing By: Warren Pulley, CEO RyPul Threat Assessments

DURANT, Okla. -- Choctaw Nation representatives say they're in the process of outfitting their facilities with door shields. "We are taking a very proactive role in getting these safety measures implemented," Cecilia Armendariz said. Armendariz is the director of facilities for the Choctaw Nation.

The door shield weighs 55 pounds and is 3/8ths of an inch thick and made of fiberglass. It's function is to stop bullets from penetrating classroom doors. "I firmly believe that we will be retro-fitting our facilities at this point," Choctaw Nation Commodities Manager Boyd Miller said.

Safer Schools For America Bullet Resistant Door Shield
The tribe brought in business owner and tribe member, Sage Dyer in to demonstrate the product. She is the founder of Safer Schools for America, and the inventor of this door shield.

"I'm a mom," Dyer said when asked what was her inspiration to invent this product.

During the demonstration, shooters fired rounds from a .40 and .44 caliber pistols, a 12-gauge shotgun, and an AR 556 rifle at the door. Only the rifle bullets were able to puncture the door.

RyPul Threat Assessment CEO Warren Pulley Demonstrates The Shield Effectiveness
Along with the shield, Dyer's company also showed off its locking system, and bullet proof glass.

Armendariz said she sees the purchase of these shields as a service to the tribe's members. "We want to make sure that our children and our senior citizens are in the safest environment possible," she said. "We do have some rural areas where unfortunately getting security and keeping things safe is difficult."

See the Safer Schools For America Bullet Resistant Door Shield In action below!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Big space things come in small packages


Progress on several potentially breakthrough technologies could pave the way for much cheaper, faster and easier small-satellite launches

DARPA’s Airborne Launch Assist Space Access program (ALASA) seeks to propel 100-pound satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) within 24 hours of call-up, all for less than $1 million per launch. The program is moving ahead with rigorous testing of new technologies that one day could enable revolutionary satellite launch systems that provide more affordable, routine and reliable access to space.   DARPA’s Airborne Launch Assist Space Access program (ALASA) seeks to propel 100-pound satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) within 24 hours of call-up, all for less than $1 million per launch. The program is moving ahead with rigorous testing of new technologies that one day could enable revolutionary satellite launch systems that provide more affordable, routine and reliable access to space.  Through its Airborne Launch Assist Space Access (ALASA) program, DARPA has been developing new concepts and architectures to get small satellites into orbit more economically on short notice. Bradford Tousley, director of DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, provided an update on ALASA today at the 18th Annual Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s Commercial Space Transportation Conference in Washington, D.C. Tousley discussed several key accomplishments of the program to date, including successful completion of Phase 1 design, selection of the Boeing Company as prime contractor for Phase 2 of the program, which includes conducting 12 orbital test launches of an integrated prototype system.

“We’ve made good progress so far toward ALASA’s ambitious goal of propelling 100-pound satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) within 24 hours of call-up, all for less than $1 million per launch,” Tousley said. “We’re moving ahead with rigorous testing of new technologies that we hope one day could enable revolutionary satellite launch systems that provide more affordable, routine and reliable access to space.”  Launches of satellites for the Department of Defense (DoD) or other government agencies require scheduling years in advance for the few available slots at the nation's limited number of launch locations. This slow, expensive process is causing a bottleneck in placing essential space assets in orbit. The current ALASA design envisions launching a low-cost, expendable launch vehicle from conventional aircraft. Serving as a reusable first stage, the plane would fly to high altitude and release the launch vehicle, which would carry the payload to the desired location.  “ALASA seeks to overcome the limitations of current launch systems by streamlining design and manufacturing and leveraging the flexibility and re-usability of an air-launched system,” said Mitchell Burnside Clapp, DARPA program manager for ALASA. “We envision an alternative to ride-sharing for satellites that enables satellite owners to launch payloads from any location into orbits of their choosing, on schedules of their choosing, on a launch vehicle designed specifically for small payloads.”  ALASA had a successful Phase 1, which resulted in three viable system designs. In March 2014, DARPA awarded Boeing the prime contract for Phase 2 of ALASA.

Because reducing cost per flight to $1 million presents such a challenge, DARPA is attacking the cost equation on multiple fronts. The Phase 2 design incorporates commercial-grade avionics and advanced composite structures. Perhaps the most daring technology ALASA seeks to implement is a new high-energy monopropellant, which aims to combine fuel and oxidizer into a single liquid. If successful, the monopropellant would enable simpler designs and reduced manufacturing and operation costs compared to traditional designs that use two liquids, such as liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.  ALASA also aims to reduce infrastructure costs by using runways instead of fixed vertical launch sites, automating operations and avoiding unnecessary services. Phase 1 of the program advanced toward that goal by making progress on three breakthrough enabling technologies:

Mission-planning software that would streamline current processes for satellite launches Space-based telemetry that would use existing satellites instead of ground-based facilities to monitor the ALASA vehicle Automatic flight-termination systems that would assess real-time conditions during flight and end it if necessary DARPA plans to continue developing these capabilities in Phase 2 and, once they’re sufficiently mature, intends to eventually transition them to government and/or commercial partners for wider use in the space community.  Pending successful testing of the new monopropellant, the program plan includes 12 orbital launches to test the integrated ALASA prototype system. Currently, DARPA plans to conduct the first ALASA flight demonstration test in late 2015 and the first orbital launch test in the first half of 2016. Depending on test results, the program would conduct up to 11 further demonstration launches through summer 2016.

If successful, ALASA would provide convenient, cost-effective launch capabilities for the growing government and commercial markets for small satellites. “Small satellites in the ALASA payload class represent the fastest-growing segment of the space launch market, and DARPA expects this growth trend to continue as small satellites become increasingly more capable,” Burnside Clapp said. “The small-satellite community is excited about having dedicated launch opportunities, and there should be no difficulty finding useful payloads.”

DARPA’s Airborne Launch Assist Space Access program (ALASA) seeks to propel 100-pound satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) within 24 hours of call-up, all for less than $1 million per launch. The program is moving ahead with rigorous testing of new technologies that one day could enable revolutionary satellite launch systems that provide more affordable, routine and reliable access to space. Click for High-Resolution Image DARPA’s Airborne Launch Assist Space Access program (ALASA) seeks to propel 100-pound satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) within 24 hours of call-up, all for less than $1 million per launch. The program is moving ahead with rigorous testing of new technologies that one day could enable revolutionary satellite launch systems that provide more affordable, routine and reliable access to space.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alleged teen cop killers likely turned gun on selves, police say

Alleged teen cop killers likely turned gun on selves, police say -

Albuquerque Police under fire for shooting homeless man

A video of police shooting a homeless man in New Mexico has shocked many, and been viewed more than 700,000 times on YouTube.
The footage wasn't captured by a member of the public, but by the police themselves - using cameras attached to their uniforms. The graphic film was posted online on Friday following a public information request. Most people commenting appear outraged by the incident which they think shows a gross misuse of power.
According to local reports, 38-year-old James Boyd was sleeping in the Albuquerque foothills in mid-March when officers approached him about camping illegally in the area. It's believed that Boyd, who reportedly has a criminal history and may have suffered mental health problems, argued with them for three hours before the events shown in the video. On picking up his belongings to leave, the officers fire a flash bang - a disorienting device - a Taser, two rifles, a bean bag rifle and release a police dog as well. Boyd is seen clutching two small knives which he takes out after shots are fired. He died a day later in hospital.
The Albuquerque Police Department was one of the first - and still one of the few - in the country to require officers to wear cameras. The system is now being trialled in a number of other cities as well. The policy clearly leaves the department open to a far greater degree of criticism on social media than before. Indeed, the response to the footage on YouTube has been ferocious. "What careless disregard for human life," was one typical comment, and "I usually side with the police, but this is just cruel," read another.
Steven Robert Allen of the American Civil Liberties Union says he found the footage disturbing. He wonders whether the police could have approached Boyd in a way "that deescalated the situation and left him alive".
The Albuquerque Police Department has been involved in a number of controversial shootings in recent years, and was already the subject of a federal investigation. Gordon Eden, the new police chief, said at a press conference this shooting was justified because his officers were under threat. But the city's mayor Richard Berry has now intervened to say Eden's comment came prematurely and was "a mistake". The incident is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

The school-to-prison pipeline: By the numbers

The school-to-prison pipeline: By the numbers | Al Jazeera America

LA teachers use Facebook to expose ‘Third World’ school conditions

LA teachers use Facebook to expose ‘Third World’ school conditions | Al Jazeera America

Interpreter played a crucial role at the first Thanksgiving. | The Professional Interpreter

Interpreter played a crucial role at the first Thanksgiving. | The Professional Interpreter

The American Founding Fathers and their Foreign Languages

The American Founding Fathers and their Foreign Languages. | The Professional Interpreter

I thought it would be interesting to talk about a little known aspect of the founding fathers’ lives: Their knowledge of foreign languages.
It is undisputable that they were all bright, well-educated, and visionary heroes who crafted an idea and implemented a concept never attempted before: a country with no monarch where the people were in charge.  We have read about their political, diplomatic, scientific, and military qualities, about how gifted they were. It is time to review their knowledge of foreign languages.  George Washington did not speak any other language. No doubt because of his very little formal education and humble beginnings he just spoke English.  Abraham Lincoln would fit the same bill. The emancipator was a self-educated attorney with a very modest upbringing and he never learned any foreign languages either. These two American heroes did not travel abroad in their lifetime.
Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, first Secretary of State under Washington, and our third President spoke English, French, Italian, Latin, and he could read Greek, and Spanish. Benjamin Franklin, America’s first diplomat and well-known genius spoke English, French and Italian.   Our second President: John Adams spoke English, French and Latin. President James Madison spoke English, Greek, Latin and Hebrew.  James Monroe spoke English and French.
Although Samuel Adams and John Hancock did not speak any foreign languages, Hancock, the wealthiest of our founding fathers, and perhaps the most generous, founded a Professorship of Oriental Languages and Hebrew in Massachusetts.  All in all, 21 of America’s 44 Presidents have known at least a second language, and if you consider that America’s first Nobel Peace Prize recipient: President Teddy Roosevelt spoke French and German,  then we can say that two out of four Presidents sculpted on Mount Rushmore spoke a foreign language.

Group wants FBI probe after gunshot fired at Illinois mosque

Group wants FBI probe after gunshot fired at Illinois mosque | Al Jazeera America

Pope Francis permanently removes a German Bishop

Pope Francis on Wednesday permanently removed a German bishop from his Limburg diocese after his $43 million new residence complex caused an uproar among the Catholic community.
Francis had temporarily expelled Monsignor Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, otherwise known as the “bishop of bling,” from his diocese last October pending a church inquiry.
At the center of the controversy was the price tag for the construction and related renovations. Tebartz-van Elst defended the expenditures, saying the bill was actually for 10 projects and there were additional costs because the buildings were under historical protection.
But in a country where Martin Luther launched the Reformation five centuries ago in response to what he said were excesses and abuses within the church, the outcry was enormous. The perceived lack of financial transparency also struck a chord, since a church tax in Germany brings in billions a year to the German church.
The Vatican said Wednesday that the inquiry into the renovation found that Tebartz-van Elst could no longer exercise his ministry in Limburg and said Francis had accepted his resignation, which was originally offered Oct. 20.
The Vatican added that an apostolic administrator, Monsignor Manfred Grothe, has been appointed to run the diocese for the time being and that Tebartz-van Elst would get a new job "at the opportune time."
A statement said the pope was asking the faithful of the diocese of Limburg to accept the decision "with docility" and to work to restore what it called a "climate of charity and reconciliation.”
In Berlin, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the head of the German Bishops' Conference, told reporters he would do whatever he could to help the Limburg diocese move on.
"For that we will need reconciliation, new trust and the power of prayer," he said.
Pope Francis has been urging church officials around the world to be more austere and live simple lives in order to be closer to the poor.