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Monday, December 21, 2020


The most popular 5 videos on YouTube

Welcome to our “RyPul Media” YouTube channel. Our professional video posts and edits are the best anywhere on YouTube and the internet.  In addition to full video production, editing, and content management, RyPul Media offers a full suite of custom digital media management, website development, SEO, analytics, brand development, PPC, CRO, information management, and digital marketing solutions designed to help your company, brand, or social media campaign reaches it's fully digital and off-platform potential. 

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Our media services are great for YouTube, Twitch or PS4 gamer accounts, social media influencers, business professionals or corporations on all platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and for professional accounts like LinkedIn.  For more information on how RyPul Media can help you increase your social media presence with brand-specific content creation targeted social media content management and advertising, visit to have a personalized media engagement plan created for you or your business today.

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9 Reason’s to choose RyPul Media?

1. We provide perfected SEO analytics data for all your social media platforms

2. We develop brand-specific content that helps you grow client and customer engagement

3. We build out your social media strategy to boost social posting and engagement rates

4. We design corporate logos and content helping to round your brand identity

5. We believe in and support robust social equity programs in boardrooms across Los Angeles

6. We edit and develop high-quality video content for influence, training or business support

7. We engage your customer base with original brand influence marketing campaigns

8. We manage all platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more

9. We work with nonprofit’s, municipalities, influencers, gamers, health plans and private individuals

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RyPul Media is a digital social media advertising, marketing, and digital information management firm with nearly ten years of experience in digital marketing, original content creation, social media management and website design. RyPul Media helps you, your company or product frame targeted social space in order to drive engagement or sales to your website or social media platforms.

Founded in 2012, RyPul Media is a visual marketing agency that works with mid-market and major enterprise companies in industries such as security, government, nonprofits, advertising, managed healthcare, and business entities across all industries.  RyPul Media understands that your audience is the priority, and we help define you the way you want, simply we make brands better.

RyPul Media specialties include social media marketing, e-marketing, web design services, content marketing, b2b marketing, SEO, and visual content production such as infographics, explainer videos and interactive content for video gamers, HR business professionals and social media influencers.

In addition to our broad-based services RyPul Media is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy specializing in web design, digital strategy, digital publishing, public information services and public relations management across a variety of industries, with some of our key clients being universities, nonprofits, NGO, health care clinics, auto dealers, sports figures and more.

Find RyPul Media at

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

A Surprising Review of Pix Teller by RyPul Media

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the online image editing tool Pix Teller and wondering: does it really work as advertised?

Well, our digital media staff and social media content managers put Pix Teller to the test, and yes, the answer might surprise you. Read on to discover the good, the bad, and the ugly as we take a close look at Pix Teller

HOWEVER, before we go any further, we must state unequivocally, that this is NOT a paid advertisement for Pix Teller, and RyPul Media is not promoting Pix Teller over any other online image editing service, as RyPul Media periodically reviews video and image edit products on the market in order to provide our blog readers and the general public information on media software which may or may not be of benefit to them.   Now for the review…

So, What Exactly Does Pix Teller Do?

If you’re not familiar with this Pix Teller, let me quickly run down the various options Pix Teller offers and explain what it can do for you. Pix Teller is an online image editing and animated video building platform which allows the end-user the ability to edit graphics, images, and animations with relative ease.  

Pix Teller allows the end-user to download their images in either PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4, or PDF formats, which can then be used on either your blog, website, or social media sites for any purpose you choose.

Here at RyPul Media, we have found each one of these download formats to be very useful since not all sites and end-users respond to one style of media.

  image by RyPul Media created with PixTeller

Pix Teller like most online media resources has a free and paid version, although we have paid for the Pro version which provides us with all of the graphics and design functions we could ever want, however, we suggest that if you’re a novice seeking to edit single images one at a time, or if you are not an agency requiring tons of image edits daily, then the free version should work well for your individual purposes.

At any rate both paid versions, the Pro and Diamond version, we find really to have no more functionality and would recommend you save the roughly $5 dollars per month in upgraded cost from the Pro to Diamond version.

Pix Teller Boasts:

  • Pix Bot which automatically creates an image and animated video based on your needs 
  • Over 100,000 + image templates which you can personalize
  • More than 1,500,000 images and illustrations to use with the paid version
  • Personalized gradient color selections
  • In excess of 100,000 shapes which can be placed in your editor tool
  • As well as 5,000 + animations to add pop to your images and video edits

The Good

The best part about Pix Teller is that you can personalize an image, save the image, then come back and edit or tweak your original image for later repost or resharing images that garner great social media engagement on your sites.

While not a perfect image editing product, we have found Pix Teller ease of use, editing functions, graphics database, and online image search and use available to be major selling points.  

The Bad:

There is one thing about Pix Teller that was very disappointing. Is that it does not appear to allow the end-user the ability to edit an image and save it to your resource file within the same window, currently in requires you to edit the images, save the image, then return to your save images and make an edit to what essentially is a new image.

A great fix to this would be if Pix Teller simply allowed you to edit the same image in the same window and save it by simply changing the name of the image all within the same window, such a simple fix would be a great time saver.

  image by RyPul Media created with PixTeller

The Verdict:

You’ve probably already figured out the verdict by now.

Do we recommend Pix Teller?

The answer is yes, and that’s because although the in-screen image edits and saves function slows down your creative flow slightly, overall, the ease of use, large image and graphics database, and low cost, make Pix Teller one of our go-to media creation resources. 

We think you’ll really enjoy using Pix Teller as an ongoing tool for image and graphic edits. Check it out here to learn more about Pix Teller – you’ll be glad you did! 

Again, this is not a paid advertisement, we do not own the Pix Teller image or any of its proprietary information, our review is for information purposes only.

For information on how RyPul Media can boost and promote your brand or online presence visit us at  We can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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