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Valley Vista High School Has a New Door in Store

JANUARY 15, 2014
RyPul Threat AssessmentsOn Tuesday, January 13th there was a lot of commotion taking place at Valley Vista High School in Fountain Valley, California. The cause for excitement was a new bulletproof door being installed in all of the classrooms. This door has been featured on the local news before and is making headway thanks to Safer Schools for America. This organization's mission is to protect both public and private schools from shootings. With a high-tech door lock activated by a key card designed by TownSteel and multiple types of bulletproof door shields including an inconspicuous whiteboard, classrooms can be protected from a possible active shooter incident.
These bulletproof doors have been endorsed by John Paul DeJoria who is well-known co-founding John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care products and ROK Mobile. ROK Mobile was represented at the event on Tuesday because DeJoria's company supports Safer Schools for America. In fact, $2.00 from every subscription to this phone company results in a donation to the PTA's of schools in need of these bullet resistant doors. Although DeJoria could not attend the event at Valley Vista, a recording of his support and enthusiasm for the project was presented. His partner, Jonathan Kendrick, was there to deliver a speech on his behalf and to show how ROK Mobile is joining the fight to save students' and teachers' lives.
There is no doubt that these doors can withstand rounds of bullets being fired at them. Just ask threat assessment expert for Safer Schools for America, Warren Pulley. His own personal security consulting company RyPul Threat Assessments has endorsed these doors as well. With plenty of years of experience, Pulley has been a member of the United States Air Force, the Los Angeles Police Department, and currently provides security protection for United States diplomats working in the Middle East. If you need proof to see that these doors are effective go to for more information and to see a video of a door being tested by Warren Pulley. Having a threat expert like Pulley has allowed Safer Schools for America to truly expand its goal to install these protective doors in schools all across the country. Parents will have more peace of mind sending their kids to a place where there is security. Valley Vista High School has made history and hopefully other schools will follow suit very soon.

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Anyone Else Have Lumps in Their Throats Over Valley Vista High's New Bulletproof Entries?

YouTube/Safer Schools for America

I distinctly recall at age 11 or so having a Little League baseball game canceled due to smog, "Geez, adults, how did you let this happen?" I thought to myself. "They even sing in the TV commercials, 'Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.' This is the national pastime, childhood innocence and my flippin' lungs you're messing with."

OK, so I was a strange kid (hold your applause), but I wonder how many students felt the same way as Valley Vista Continuation High School in Fountain Valley was donated a bulletproof school entry system this week.
Edison High School in Huntington Beach is also scheduled to receive such a system, which includes the $499 door lock shown here that can be operated remotely by somebody inside if an intruder is threatening people on campus:
The systems are being gifted by Safer Schools for America, a Paramount-based company that supplies hardware and ballistic protection to correctional facilities, courthouses and other government institutions, and John Paul Dijoria, the founder of the John Paul Mitchell hair-care line. (For these donations, Dijoria is working through his latest venture, Rok Mobile, "the first wireless provider in the country to offer mobile & music under one roof - for one low price.")
Perhaps some if not all who attended this week's donation ceremony in Fountain Valley had lumps in their throats as they realized the sickening school shootings across the country have brought us to such a low point, where we need bulletproof locks, doors and windows at what should be sanctuaries for youth.
Or maybe that's just a feeling among old farts whose worst fears as children involved the denial of triple-treats at the snack bar because dark plumes from Kaiser Steel nixed a ball game.
Valley Vista Principal Kerry Clitheroe welcomed the gifts, telling KCBS2, "This could happen ... at any school."
Breathe in ...

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OC Campus Takes Action Against School Shootings With Bullet-Resistant Protection Systems - Afro News Service

ORANGE COUNTY ( — As school shootings continue to be a concern across the county, one Orange County campus is taking action by installing bullet-resistant school protection systems. Special door locks, which can be operated remotely by somebody inside if an intruder is threatening people on campus, were donated to Valley Vista Continuation High School’s Fountain Valley campus Tuesday. “I’m staggered by the amount of problems that have occurred in this country, and we’re not protecting the children of this country. 

We protect banks, gas stations, courtrooms,” Rok Mobile spokesman Jonathan Kendrick said. Los Angeles County company Safer Schools for America made the donation with John Paul Dijoria, who founded the John Paul Mitchell hair-care line before his latest venture with Rok Mobile. Valley Vista Principal Kerry Clitheroe welcomes any added security systems. “This could happen … at any school. So, what can we do as a staff and a school district to make school the safest place for students so they can learn?” she asked. 

Valley Vista isn’t the only school receiving such a donation. Edison High School in Huntington Beach will receive shatter-resistant window shields to protect students in the event of a shooting. And next month, 35 bulletproof door shields, similar to those on cockpit doors, will be donated and installed at Peterson Elementary School in Huntington Beach. - See more at:


A Huntington Beach alternative high school is reportedly the first in the nation to install a high security, bullet-resistant door-and-lock system in an effort to protect students from the threat of a school shooting such as those that have victimized students around the country in recent years.

Alternative school Valley Vista High serves area teens and includes an in-house daycare for students with children, increasing the community’s desire for better security. Safer Schools for America created the doors.
OC Campus Installs Bullet-Resistant Protection System
CBS Los Angeles

The new system is comprised of two dozen doors with two-way locks that allow a teacher inside a classroom to lock the door from up to 75 feet away KPCC reports. Once locked, the door prevents someone from forcing entry into a room, but still allows those inside the room to open the door from within and let in anyone that has been stranded in the hall.
At a cost of $25,000, the doors boast a thick layer of bullet-resistant film that KPCC notes doubles as a white-erase board. Valley Vista’s system should be installed within two months.
With such a significant price tag, a business donor stepped in to cover the cost. According to KPCC, donor ROK Mobile’s founder Jonathan Kendrick plans to donate security systems to three additional schools as well. ROK Mobile and Safer Schools for America have teamed up to create a fundraising program that will help school Parent-Teacher Associations raise the funds to have their own schools equipped with similar systems.

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The fortified doors and thick bulletproof glass that protect bankers and airline pilots from armed assailants are moving into Southern California schools.
The Paramount-based security company Safer Schools For America once specialized in bullet-resistant doors and windows for banks and court houses. But the group of ballistics experts turned their attention to schools about two years ago, right after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.
“We’re alarmed at the rampant amount of shootings that have been taking place,” said co-founder Ron Triebels.
Two summers ago, on June 7, a gunman went on a shooting spree through the streets of Santa Monica that eventually ended on the Santa Monica College. Five people were killed. Police shot and killed the suspect, 23-year old John Zawahri, on the campus.
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The bullet-resistant door and lock system the company designed is pretty simple. A layer of thick bullet-resistant film, which doubles as a white-erase board, is bolted to the middle of a normal wood classroom door.
The technology upgrades come with a bullet resistant lock attached to the door that is controlled with a remote assigned to a classroom teacher. The teacher can lock the door with the remote as far as 75 feet away from the room.
An LED light signals that the door is locked but will still be open from the inside in case another student, teacher or staff is seeking safety.
“What school officials have to do is adopt what the banks are doing, what the police stations are doing,” Triebels said. “Why aren’t we doing that for our kids? Why aren’t we protecting the teachers?”
Triebels said school districts struggle with finding funding to pay for enhanced security systems.
“It’s a lot of money,” said Pat Stellhorn, head of maintenance for the Huntington Beach Union High School District. He said the new doors and locks should be installed within two months.
On Tuesday, Valley Vista High School got more than two-dozen bullet resistant door-and-lock security systems thanks to a $25,000 donation from the new wireless company ROK Mobile.
The high school was chosen for the donation because the company owners at Safer Schools For America wanted to start somewhere local — in Orange County. The school is an alternative high school with an on-site day care center for students with children.
Patty Bahena, 17, is a senior at Valley Vista High School. She thinks the school is in a safe neighborhood and doesn’t worry much about a shooter.
“I worry more about the day care than here because my baby is in there,” she said. “The (babies) can’t do anything. They don’t know anything.”
Valley Vista High School principal Kerry Clitheroe said she appreciates the security system donation especially because it doesn’t make the school look militaristic.
“To learn, you have to feel secure and relaxed” she said.
ROK Mobile plans to donate security systems to three more schools, said co-founder Jonathan Kendrick.
The new wireless company has partnered with the Safer Schools For America security company to come up with a fundraising program that school PTAs can use to raise money to install security systems at their schools.


Students, teachers and staff at Valley Vista High School will be better equipped to survive a shooting on campus with a $50,000 donation from the chairman of ROK Mobile announced Tuesday.
The donation from John Paul DeJoria will fund remotely controlled locks on classroom and office doors that can lockdown a room with the push of a button from as far as 75 feet away. DeJoria and ROK Mobile have partnered with Safer Schools for America to improved safety in light of school shootings like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.
“We’re here to fight the fight against school shootings,” said Ron Triebels, CEO of Safer Schools for America.
Pat Stellhorn, director of maintenance, operations and transportation for the Huntington Beach Union High School District, said he was approached by Triebels about a year ago. Initially district officials said they weren’t interested in working with Safer Schools for America to update school security but changed their minds when they heard from students and teachers who wanted to feel safer on campus.
Kerry Clitheroe is principal of Valley Vista High, a continuation high school with more than 300 students who are juniors or seniors. As a former teacher, Clitheroe liked the idea of being able to lock door with the push of a button from anywhere in the classroom.
“I think it helps to put the teachers in charge of their room and give them a sense of security,” she said.
Sean Karol, a Valley Vista High senior from Huntington Beach, said school shootings can happen at anytime and anywhere and looks forward to his school having an extra layer of security.
“I’m glad that there’s other people who see the problem and know that something has to be done,” he said.
The new locks will be installed in 30 to 45 days, Stellhorn said.
Safer Schools for America also wants to provide Valley Vista High with bullet-resistant shields made of durable fiberglass that can be affixed to doors. When tested, the shields were not penetrated by 9 mm, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and 12-gauge pellets and slugs, Triebels said.
John R. Peterson Elementary in Huntington Beach is already set to get these shields, but funding is needed to install them at Valley Vista High.
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